Backup counts

Bilal Ahmed
1 year ago

Fixed total count of backups displayed for each type of node.

Storage Added Fixed

Filebase Integration & UI Fixes

Bilal Ahmed
1 year ago
  • Filebase storage integration is available.
  • Storage location dropdown is fixed to show all available storage locations.
  • Generate download URL for website and databases is fixed. In some cases URL path was incorrect.

Welcome to our changelog

BackupSheep Changelog Team
1 year ago

Today we've decided to communicate more with our customers, and let you know exactly what we're working on here.

Our new changelog will keep you in the loop not only about bug fixes but everything from brand new features to security updates and all things inbetween.

Stay Updated

We're looking forward to talking about all our changes, updates and improvements to our service as we move forward. We hope you'll keep an eye on our progress and let us know what you think!

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